Morayfield Community HallGrace Presbyterian Church is a family friendly church committed to the building up of the saints through faithfully teaching through God's word.  We have a range of ministries to suit all age groups and various activities throughout the week.

We meet each Sunday at 9am for Bible study and Sunday School groups and then at 10am for worship services at the community hall behind Bunnings near the Morayfield Sports Centre although on occasions, due to unavailability of the community hall, we may meet in other venues.

We invite you to join with us to worship the Lord and hear from his word this Sunday.

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Psalm 68:5

Important verses from our
next sermon … Psalm 68:5

From “his holy dwelling” in heaven, the Lord watches
the families of man. He is the God who 
acts on behalf
of those who look for protection and vindication:
the fatherless, the widows, the 
lonely, and the exiles.

– The Expositor’s Bible Commentary – Volume 5

HaggaiReading your Bible book by book … What’s Haggai all about?

Reading your Bible book by book … What’s Haggai all about? Haggai only make sense with its back story in mind. In 586 BC, the temple of Jerusalem — the symbol of God’s presence on earth — was destroyed during the Babylonian siege and the majority of God’s people were hauled off into exile.

Then, 48 years into the exile, a group of Jews returned from Babylon to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple (538 BC). The people worked for two years on the temple, but when their security was compromised, they ceased their work (536 BC; Ezra 4:4–5, 24).

No one worked on the temple for another 15 years, until the prophets Haggai and Zechariah challenged the people and their leaders to finish the task (520 BC; Ezra 5:1). Haggai tells the returned Jewish exiles that their security issues are a result of them losing sight of Yahweh’s work.

Haggai called the people to repent, to rebuild, and to watch the fruits of their labour roll in once God’s presence was restored. Within five years of Haggai delivering his message, the temple rebuilding was completed (515 BC; Ezra 6:15).

This is a beautiful picture of what faithfulness, even after a long period of struggle, can do in our lives. – DIY Bible study


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Why won't they listen?

Have you wondered why your witnessing falls flat and people fail to respond? Many comment that science has disproved the Bible and therefore it is not relevant to today's modern world. But what's the answer? Can the majority of scientists really be wrong?

Discover the answers with Dr Craig Russell when he brings his powerful message Undaunted—Genesis is Real History Consistent with Real Science at 10.00am on Sunday 19 November 2017.

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John 1:1‐5 – Making a case for the identity of Christ


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The first 18 verses of John’s Gospel are commonly known as the prologue. No portion of the New Testament captured the imagination and the attention of the Christian intellectual community for the first three centuries more than this brief section of John’s Gospel.

Gospel of John 1: 1-5

 We have to ask: Why does John begin his Gospel with this prologue? Why doesn’t he simply start as Matthew and Luke do, by telling us about the circumstances of the conception of Jesus and His birth to a peasant girl? In a strikingly different approach, John begins his Gospel with Jesus already as an adult. The only material that precedes the launch of Jesus’ ministry is this prologue of 18  verses.

I believe the inclusion of the prologue has to do with John’s overriding goal, throughout his Gospel, of making a case for the identity of Christ. John says later that he wrote what he did “that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name” (20:31). Simply put, John is not interested in being a detached observer and chronicler of the life of Jesus.

Excerpt from: – R.C. Sproul in St Andrew’s Expositional Commentary – John


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