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Grace Presbyterian Church is a family friendly church committed to the building up of the saints through faithfully teaching through God's word.  We have a range of ministries to suit all age groups and various activities throughout the week.

We meet each Sunday at 9am for Bible study and Sunday School groups and then at 10am for worship services at the community hall behind Bunnings near the Morayfield Sports Centre although on occasions, due to unavailability of the community hall, we may meet in other venues.

We invite you to join with us to worship the Lord and hear from his word this Sunday.

Reading your Bible book by book … What’s 3 John all about?

Third John shows that love among the people of the church remains the identifying mark of all Christians. This love is marked by hospitality, even toward strangers. John contrasts the inhospitable behaviour of Diotrephes with the trustworthiness of Gaius and Demetrius. Diotrephes is all about himself—he wants to be “first among them” (3 John 9), but to “become fellow workers with the truth,” we must give of ourselves and open our doors to others (3 John 8). Third John is addressed to an individual, Gaius (3 John 1), and follows a simple outline: introduction (3 John 1–4); body (3 John 5–12); closing (3 John 13–14). John considers Gaius a dear friend and one of his spiritual children in Christ (3 John 2, 4). In the letter’s body, John urges Gaius to support some missionaries who will be visiting his community (3 John 5–8). John also warns Gaius not to imitate Diotrephes, whose selfish actions and disparaging words align him with evil (3 John 9–11). Finally, John vouches for Demetrius, who likely is the bearer of the letter (3 John 12). John has much more to tell Gaius, but rather than say it all in a letter, he hopes the two of them can speak in person sometime soon (3 John 13–14).

Fact. Third John uses the term “church,” which is not used in John’s other letters or in his Gospel (3 John 1:6, 9, 10). – DIY Bible Study

– DIY Bible Study

 Husband and Wife - Photo by Jon Asato

Latest News

CMI Speaker at Buderim

Creation Ministries: Dr Ron Neller of Creation Ministries International will speak at our sister church, Grace Christian Church Buderim, from 5.30pm on Sunday, July 15. Dr Neller’s talk is entitled ‘From evolutionist to creationist’. GCC Buderim is located at 2 Toral Drive, Buderim. The talk will be followed by a question and answer time.

GPCM Camp July 4-9

Our next GPCM camp will be held at Rainbow Waters at Carlo Point, Rainbow Beach. Costs start at $29 per night for unpowered camp sites and $39 per night for powered sites. To book a cabin near our church campers, try cabins 5-10 or 15-17. For more information or to book, phone 5486 3200 or go to See Dan M

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