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Grace Presbyterian Church is a family friendly church committed to the building up of the saints through faithfully teaching through God's word.  We have a range of ministries to suit all age groups and various activities throughout the week.

We meet each Sunday at 9am for Bible study and Sunday School groups and then at 10am for worship services at the community hall behind Bunnings near the Morayfield Sports Centre although on occasions, due to unavailability of the community hall, we may meet in other venues.

We invite you to join with us to worship the Lord and hear from his word this Sunday.

Reading your Bible book by book … What’s 2 Peter all about?

Second Peter is about living in the power of Christ —Second Peter is about living in the power of Christ —with your mind, heart, conduct, and hope.

Knowledge of Christ transforms the true believer. It motivates usto centre our lives on the past work of Christ, the present experience of the risen Christ, and the hopefulfuture of the glorified Christ.

In contrast, heresy andfalse teaching lead people away from the truth, leaving them with only themselves as guides. Peter viciously opposes spiritual deception because it sets people up for all sorts of exploitation and eventual destruction.

This is a time of grace — an opportunity for us to show the living power of Christ to the world. Second Peter focuses on how true knowledge of Christ helps us to embrace Christ’s power over our lives. 2 Peter shows us that:

• Knowledge of Christ’s work and placingour hope in God’s promises about the future are central to authentically knowing Jesus(2 Pet 1:3–11).

• False teaching and heresy misplaces our expectations, focusing themon ourselves, which eventually leads to self‐destruction (2 Pet 2:1–3).

• False teacherscan come from within the community of Christ and should be disowned (2 Pet 2:17–22).

• God desires for all to come to Jesus and for none to be destroyed—this is why Jesushas not returned (2 Pet 3:8). • At Christ’s coming, the sins of the world will be judged and a new reality based on his promises will be established (2 Pet 3:9–13).

Key term: ‘Knowledge’ is more than intellectual awareness for Peter; it is wrapped up with several other components of a Christ‐follower’s life, such as “excellence of character” (2 Pet 1:5) and “patient endurance” (2 Pet 1:6). True knowledge of Christ leads to transformation; it frees believers from the corruption and defilement of the world (2 Pet 1:4; 2:20).

In contrast, people who have not been transformed by the knowledge of Christ “do not understand” anything about him (2 Pet 2:12) — and their practices will indicate so. 

– DIY Bible Study

 Husband and Wife - Photo by Jon Asato

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