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Grace Presbyterian Church is a family friendly church committed to the building up of the saints through faithfully teaching through God's word.  We have a range of ministries to suit all age groups and various activities throughout the week.

We meet each Sunday at 9am for Bible study and Sunday School groups and then at 10am for worship services at the community hall behind Bunnings near the Morayfield Sports Centre although on occasions, due to unavailability of the community hall, we may meet in other venues.

We invite you to join with us to worship the Lord and hear from his word this Sunday.

Reading your Bible book by book … What’s Titus all about?

Paul’s letter to Titus — whom he left behind in Crete to help lead a fledgling church — is about the need for Titus to train leaders, teach new believers, and sustain the community. To succeed, Paul advises Titus to connect right teaching with right belief; then, integrate right belief with right action. The three are inseparable.

Paul stresses the Holy Spirit’s transformation that enables us to overcome adversity and persecution, and do God’s work in the world. As one of Paul’s Pastoral Letters, Titus is addressed specifically to one pastor, but it may have been intended to be read throughout the congregations on Crete. Today, Titus directly applies to any Christian desiring to lead. Since all Christians are leaders in some way or another — because each of us provide others with an example of what it means to follow Jesus — we can each benefit from the message of Titus. Paul’s letter to Titus
opens with a greeting and traditional blessing by Paul (Titus 1:1–4). This is followed by the body of the letter (Titus 1:5–3:11). Here, Paul discusses the qualifications for church elders (Titus 1:5–16) — Paul had left Titus on Crete to appoint the right people as leaders. Paul then turns from church leaders to the rest of the church, providing general instructions on living the gospel to five distinct groups: older men, older women, younger women, younger men, and slaves (Titus 2:1–15). Salvation has come to all
people through the “grace of God” (Titus 2:11–14). Following Paul’s instructions to church leaders and the church at large, Paul explains the reason that Christians should do good works — they highlight God, who is offering salvation to the world. Likewise, order in the church helps believers to focus on godly things and avoid “unprofitable” things (Titus 3:1–11). Paul’s letter to Titus closes with a blessing by Paul and one last reminder to do good works for Jesus (Titus 3:12–15) — a reminder that each of us needs to regularly hear.

Fact: In Titus, “older men” and “older women” generally refer to people over the age of 50, whereas “young men” and “young women” refer to persons who are 20–30. This is because the median age in Titus’ lifetime was substantially younger than today’s.

– DIY Bible Study

 Husband and Wife - Photo by Jon Asato

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