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Grace Presbyterian Church is a family friendly church committed to the building up of the saints through faithfully teaching through God's word.  We have a range of ministries to suit all age groups and various activities throughout the week.

We meet each Sunday at 9am for Bible study and Sunday School groups and then at 10am for worship services at the community hall behind Bunnings near the Morayfield Sports Centre although on occasions, due to unavailability of the community hall, we may meet in other venues.

We invite you to join with us to worship the Lord and hear from his word this Sunday.

Reading your Bible book by book … What’s Romans all about?

In his letter to the Romans, Paul shares incredibly good news: you and I are welcomed into the people of God (Rom 3:21–31)! The book of Romans is one of the most important writings in the history of the Christian faith. In this letter, Paul lays out his strongest case for bringing Jews and non‐Jewish people (Gentiles) together in the name of Christ. In doing so, Paul teaches about the restoration of our relationship with God. We have noticed the widening embrace of God throughout the biblical story and, in Romans, Paul gives us the logic. We finally understand how God keeps his promise to Abraham to bless all nations through him, as well as how God keeps his promises to Abraham’s descendants, the people of Israel — the Jews (Rom 4:1–25; Gen 12:1–3). In Romans, we look back through the Bible with new eyes — the narrative, the Prophets, and the poetry.

When we do so, we find something amazing: we are among God’s chosen people (Rom 8:14)! Romans is Paul’s argument that Christ bridges the gap between us and God, and between cultures and races — he is the way God fulfilled his promises to Abraham. Christ is the righteousness we all seek — and it’s in him that we come together.

Key term: The word “faith” can indicate “faith” or “faithfulness,” “belief,” “trust,” and sometimes even “loyalty” or “allegiance.” In Romans, Paul links “faith” with other major themes, such as righteousness, justification, and grace — often indicating that these things come “by faith” (e.g., Rom 3:30; 5:1–2).  – DIY Bible study

 Husband and Wife - Photo by Jon Asato

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