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Morning Sermon

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
‘What’s your verdict on Jesus?’ John 5:1-47 Pr Darren Burnett 2018-05-06 John
‘What does God want from me anyway?’ John 4:46-54 Pr Darren Burnett 2018-04-29 John
‘Recapturing purity (holiness)’ 1 Peter 4:1-5 Pr Bob Burnett 2018-04-22 The Challenges We Face
‘God’s plan for your work’ Pr Darren Burnett 2018-04-08 General Topics
‘The greatest road trip of all time’ Luke 24:13-35 Pr Darren Burnett 2018-04-01 Easter
‘The eyewitnesses; what did they see?’ Luke 23:26-49 Pr Bob Burnett 2018-03-30 Easter
‘Are you serving the Lord of the harvest?’ John 4:27-42 Pr Darren Burnett 2018-03-25 John
‘Jesus draws the Outsiders in – Part 1’ John 4:1-26 Pr Darren Burnett 2018-03-18 John
‘Pointing to Jesus’ John 3:22-36 Pr Darren Burnett 2018-03-11 John
‘The secret of eternal life’ John 3:1-21 Pr Darren Burnett 2018-03-04 John
‘Recapturing grace; the most powerful force for good’ Ephesians 2:4-10 Pr Bob Burnett 2018-02-25 Challenges We Face
‘The Bridegroom announces His arrival’ John 2:1-25 Pr Darren Burnett 2018-02-18 John
‘Dying to self and sin’ Colossians 3:1-17 Pr John Butler 2018-02-11 Topical
‘He suffered under Pontius Pilate’ Matthew 27:1-31 Pr John Butler 2018-02-04 Topical
‘Jesus’ words to the lukewarm church’ Revelation 3:14-21 Pr Darren Burnett 2018-01-28 Revelation - The Seven Churches
‘Jesus’ words to the faithful church’ Revelation 3:7-13 Pr Darren Burnett 2018-01-21 Revelation - The Seven Churches
‘Jesus’ words to the spiritually-dead church’ Revelation 3:1-6 Pr Darren Burnett 2018-01-14 Revelation - The Seven Churches
‘The Invitation and the Party’ Isaiah 55:1-13
Isaiah 65:17-25
Pr Bob Burnett 2018-01-07 Isaiah
‘Jesus’ words to the church that tolerates sin’ Revelation 2:18-29 Pr Darren Burnett 2017-12-31 Revelation - The Seven Churches
‘Joseph; big player in God’s Great Salvation Plan’ Matthew 1:18-25 Pr Bob Burnett 2017-12-25 Christmas Day