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Acclaimed Bible lecturer, historian and author Dr Noel Weeks gives a talk on the Book of Judges, followed by an update on the Middle East Reformed Fellowship.

Dr Weeks recently gave several Bible talks at our denomination’s national assembly in Canberra.  Dr Weeks retired in 2012 as a Senior Lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Sydney, but remains an Associate in their Department of Classics and Ancient History, with an interest in the Ancient Near East, specializing in Mesopotamia and Israel, and the Akkadian Language. A member of the Reformed Churches of Australia, Noel Weeks is sought after as a speaker and writer on many issues. He has served as President of the association for the largest parent-controlled Christian School in New South Wales and as Chairman of the Middle East Reformed Fellowship Australia. He has authored several books in the fields of religion and history, including The Sufficiency of Scripture (1988), The Christian School (1988), and Gateway to the Old Testament (1995) and also writes for Creation Ministries International.