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Dr Terry ClarkThis study of the Psalter should give you the tools to read, study, and apply the Psalms to everyday life. We will look at the nature of Biblical poetry and the story line of the book. In that way, you should see the context, the individual psalms and even the individual lines of poetry as part of a unified whole. 

Week 1- Introduction

I. The book of Psalms

a. Introduction
b. The Psalms as Scripture
c. The Psalms as poetry

II. The Psalter – a random collection or a book.

a. The story line
b. Evidence for intentional editing (collecting into a unified story)
c. Psalm 1 & 2 as introduction

i. The blessed life

1. Psalm 1
2. Psalm 2

ii. The guarantee of the blessed life
iii. Themes in Psalm 1 & 2

III. Structure of the book

a. High level overview
b. A bit more detail.

IV. Psalm 3, a transition from the ideal to the real

a. Connection to Psalm 1 & 2
b. The heading
c. Poetic elements
d. Singing the psalm
e. Other application