Morning Sermon


‘Wise men worship the King of kings’ (2018-12-23)

‘Christ, the Saviour is born’ (2018-12-16)

‘Because He lives’ (2016-12-18)

‘The death of the Suffering Servant’ (2016-12-11)

Despised and Forsaken by Men (2016-12-04)

The Examination of the Lamb of God (2016-11-20)

Fraudulent Foes, Faithless Friends and False Witnesses (2016-10-30)

Preparing for the Cross Part 3: The Garden (2016-10-23)

Preparing for the Cross Part 2: The Upper Room (2016-10-16)

The Sower, the Seed and the Soils (2016-10-09)

Preparing for the Cross: Part 1 - Bethany (2016-10-02)

Three Questions to Answer Before the Bell Rings (2016-09-25)

Be Ready... Don't Be Left Behind (2016-09-18)

Abominations, Antichrists and Armageddon (2016-09-11)

Reading the Signs of the Times - Matthew 24:1-14 (2016-08-28)

Matthew 23: 13-36 Are We Helping or Hindering? (2016-08-21)

Repenting of the (False) Religion of Rules (2016-08-14)

Putting the Lord to the Test (2016-07-24)

Matthew 5: 1-12 Happiness in the Upside Down Kingdom (2014-03-30)

They Met Jesus




Summer Series



‘Our God Reigns’ (2020-10-04)

‘Expecting the Saviour’ (2020-07-26)

‘What now?’ (2020-07-19)

‘Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody.’ (2020-06-28)

‘Great Restorations’ (2020-05-24)

Its good to be a follower of Jesus,I wouldnt want to be anywhere else (2020-03-29)

‘Trusting God in the face of crisis’ (2020-03-15)

Painting God's Glorious Beauty in a Darkened World (2020-03-01)

‘Worship… what fills your vision?’ (2020-02-02)

‘Advance Australia where? Towards thankfulness’ (2020-01-26)

‘Running the race of faith’ (2020-01-12)

‘Realism, and not resolutions’ (2020-01-06)

‘God’s plan for His Church’ (2019-12-08)

‘Leaving a Godly Legacy’ (2019-12-01)

‘Drawing nearer to home’ (2019-10-06)

‘Who are you?’ (2019-09-22)

‘How to talk to God’ (2019-09-15)

‘Praying for power’ (2019-02-03)

‘Who is my neighbour?’ (2018-11-18)

‘Dying to self and sin’ (2018-02-11)






‘The (Samaritan) Woman at the Well’ (2019-11-24)

‘All is revealed in last temple talk’ (2019-06-02)

‘Who is the One who gives sight to the blind?’ (2019-04-28)

‘Meet the One who gives us sight’ (2019-04-07)

‘The Way to freedom, family and life’ (2019-03-24)

‘Who do you say He is?’ (2019-03-17)

‘Meet the One full of grace and truth’ (2018-06-24)

‘Could Jesus be the Saviour of the world?’ (2018-06-17)

‘Meet the One who satisfies your soul – Part 2’ (2018-05-28)

‘Meet the One who satisfies your soul – Part 1’ (2018-05-20)

‘What’s your verdict on Jesus?’ (2018-05-06)

‘What does God want from me anyway?’ (2018-04-29)

‘Are you serving the Lord of the harvest?’ (2018-03-25)

‘Jesus draws the Outsiders in – Part 1’ (2018-03-18)

‘Pointing to Jesus’ (2018-03-11)

‘The secret of eternal life’ (2018-03-04)

‘The Bridegroom announces His arrival’ (2018-02-18)

‘Follow the One who brings us home’ (2017-11-26)

‘Meet the One we’re all waiting for’ (2017-11-12)

‘Have you seen the Light?’ (2017-10-29)

Revelation - The Seven Churches

Christmas Day

Challenges We Face


Galatians – The Gospel Sweet Spot


2 Timothy - Faithful To The End