Title: ‘How to walk and talk as a follower of Jesus’

Text: James 3:1-4:12


1. Why we must watch our words

  a. We sin very easily by our words (3:1‐5a, 7‐8)

  b. Our words can destroy lives (3:5b‐6)

  c. We can’t praise God and curse our brother (3:9‐12)

  d. When we speak evil, we violate God’s law (4:11‐12)


2. Why we must watch our works

  a. Our works reveal our hearts (3:13‐18)

  b. Our works reveal our idols (4:1‐5)


3. The only way to purify our words and works

  a. Repent of your sinful words and works (4:9)

  b. Draw near to God and submit to Him (4:6‐7a, 10)

  c. Resist the devil and flee from sin (4:7b, 8b)