Sermon: ‘The unstoppable Gospel’

Series: Acts series 1: The Gospel at work in Jerusalem

Text: Acts 5:12‐6:7


1. Persecution from without: The perils of opposing God (5:12‐42)

    a. A healing ministry the opposition cannot ignore (5:12‐16)

    b. A miraculous sign unheeded by the authorities (5:17‐26)

    c. A warning ignored and a death penalty threatened (5:27‐33)

    d. A wise warning: Be sure you’re not opposing God (5:34‐42)


2. Conflict from within: Serving God together in love (6:1‐7)

    a. A conflict over care for the widows (6:1)

    b. A solution that shares the load (6:2‐3)

    c. A pledge to stay focused on the Word (6:4)

    d. A conflict resolved and a ministry blessed (6:5‐7)


The big idea: Jesus promised that He will build His church and the gates of Hell willnot prevail against it (Matt 16:18). Neither persecution from without nor conflictfrom within can thwart Jesus’ plans.