Sermon: ‘The church’s first martyr’

Text: Acts 6:8‐7:60

Speaker: Darren Burnett

1. A powerful Gospel presentation provokes persecution (6:8‐15)


2. Stephen proves his foes are just acting like their fathers (7:1‐53)

  a. A faithful God who keeps His promises to His people (7:1‐8)

  b. God saves His people through despised deliverers: i. Joseph (7:9‐16)ii. Moses (7:13‐44)

  c. A faithful God rejected by a faithless people (7:35‐50)d. The Jews follow their fathers’ form in rejecting Jesus (7:51‐53)


3. The church’s first martyr given a glimpse of glory (7:54‐60)


Big idea: Both God and Israel are thoroughly consistent. God is dynamic andmerciful. Israel has always sought to localise Him and has constantly rejected Hismessengers, culminating in their rejection of His Righteous One.