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Morning Sermon

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
‘We’ve got it all’ Romans 5:1-11 Pr Darren Burnett 2019-10-13 Romans
‘Drawing nearer to home’ Psalm 62:1-12 Pr Darren Burnett 2019-10-06 Topical
‘Who are you?’ Galatians 2:20-3:3 Casey Vallance 2019-09-22 Topical
‘How to talk to God’ Matthew 6:5-15 Pr Darren Burnett 2019-09-15 Topical
‘Salvation has always been God’s grace to us’ Romans 3:27-4:21 Pr Darren Burnett 2019-09-08 Romans
Jesus keeps his work up, and his head down Mark 4:1-20 Pr Bob Burnett 2019-09-01 Mark
Jesus; the question who demands an answer Mark 3:7-35 Pr Bob Burnett 2019-08-25 Mark
‘But now…. for the good news’ Revelation 3:1-26 Pr Darren Burnett 2019-08-18 Romans
‘Why Jesus is the only Way home’ Romans 1:18-29 Pr Darren Burnett 2019-08-11 Romans
‘What Jesus saves us from’ Romans 1:18-32 Pr Darren Burnett 2019-08-04 Romans
‘Not ashamed of the Gospel’ Romans 1:1-17 Pr Darren Burnett 2019-07-28 Romans
‘The conclusion of the matter’ Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:14 Pr Darren Burnett 2019-07-21 Ecclesiastes
‘Finding wisdom in a broken world’ Ecclesiastes 7:1-29 Pr Darren Burnett 2019-07-07 Ecclesiastes
‘Jesus takes charge of the agenda’ Mark 2:18-3:6 Pr Bob Burnett 2019-06-30 Mark
‘Build your house on the Rock’ Ecclesiastes 4:1-5:7 Pr Darren Burnett 2019-06-23 Ephesians
‘Meaning found in life under God’ Ecclesiastes 2:24-3:22 Pr Darren Burnett 2019-06-16 Ecclesiastes
‘All is revealed in last temple talk’ John 10:22-42 Pr Darren Burnett 2019-06-02 John
‘You can pick your PM but not your King’ Psalm 2:1-12 Pr Darren Burnett 2019-05-19 General Topics
‘Jesus establishes His priorities as God’s Messiah’ Mark 2:13-17 Pr Bob Burnett 2019-05-12 Mark
‘Forgiveness; the greatest gift of all’ Mark 2:1-12 Pr Bob Burnett 2019-05-05 Mark - Jesus Is the Good News