Services Resume

We will again hold our church service from 10am at the Morayfield Community Hall on Sunday. The service will also be livestreamed on this website and our YouTube channel.

While we will be seeking to keep our worship services as ‘normal’ as possible, because of COVID-19 restrictions there will be a number of changes. These include:


We are permitted to have only 110 people in the auditorium and 23 in the side (supper) room, and everyone attending must ensure we follow physical distancing requirements (i.e. 1.5 metres between people at all times). Accordingly, the seats will be spaced out in the hall for the service.


On entry into the hall, we will record the contact details of persons entering.
There will not be a collection during the service, but an offering box will be provided at the exit table for those who wish to make a cash offering.


Everyone will be encouraged to apply antibacterial hand cleanser to their hands when entering and exiting the hall. Jono has kindly sourced a wonderful supply of hand cleanser and antibacterial cleaning products for us to use each Sunday.


There will be no printed order of service available on the front table. The bulletin with order of service is attached to this email. You are encouraged to read it on your computer or phone, or print it out at home and bring it with you.


There will be extra cleaning undertaken by our deacons after the worship service.

There will not be morning tea; however, you will be able to chat to folk and mingle in the hall or outside after the service as long as social distancing is practised. And please feel free to bring your own coffee with you to church. :)


Please do not come to the worship service if you are unwell in any way. We need to obey all government requirements including self-isolating when we are unwell.


We praise God that we have been able to resume our gatherings, and also that we can continue broadcasting our services online, so that our brethren who are unable to be there in person can still continue to join in worship with us.

Morayfield Community Hall